Who Are The Political Sellouts for the United Nation’s muslim Agenda ?

The world is literally on fire.

The religious war is at the door of the otherwise peaceful Western world.

Muslim migrants have flooded non-muslim territories since 1990 while claiming to be war refugees and in need of asylum.

Now that muslim populations have reached a large enough tipping point to change elections, only small ratios of liberal voters, some fraud and public swaying are needed to elect favored politicians for the international muslim agenda.

You might say how do we know which politicians are taking payoffs or other financial support? How do we know which politicians are treasonous and which are working for the peoples nations? “

Great questions!

The truth is of course is that we don’t know exactly who is and who isn’t being bought off (yet). While we do know that some favors and finances are changing hands in exchange for political behaviors, the truth generally comes out sooner or later as we are always looking for the facts.

Recently, obama and some American politicians backed a deadly treaty with a combative islamic Iran.

What we the People CAN establish is which politicians openly defy logic against the nation!

Which politicians continually support failed, expensive and damaging policies against the nation?

We can also establish which politicians openly attempt to censor the public for speaking out for logical reasoning, especially when the public is trying to establish the politicians stance on a subject or agenda. The public has every right to know how and for what reasons a public servant might support or fail to support any ideals.

Despite the logic of refusing such a treaty enough politicians supported it to pass it.

200 Retired US Military Leaders to Obama – “NO!” On Iran

Here’s what we know;

SHOCK: Iran Paying Democrats to Support Nuke Deal

One would be inclined to agree that the above actions constitute reason to be suspicious of a bigger agenda via local politicians.

As the world looks on, a common thread links through all international trauma, that thread is muslim islam.

Five vital facts about Iran that every American should know

Muslim areas are continually allowed severe Human Rights violations as the United Nations looks on while further supporting the muslim mass migration and establishment of non-muslim territories.

As logical & free people with Western values, we should never allow any establishment such as the United Nations, NATO or any organizations to lay claim above us higher than God. Human Rights are granted to each of us from our Creator – not from our peers.

In recent years, as the United Nations embeds itself into non-muslim countries and violates ally relationships of countries such as the United States while partnering with traditional “enemies”, the U.N. is thereby building up gateways for which their agenda to flow through.

The U.N. is mostly made up of muslim or muslim-relayed countries, while non-muslim countries are fractional and not as strongly supported. The United Nations has adopted a muslim recognition of shari’a law as it’s own recognition of “Human Rights” – which by definition destroys all Western recognition of Human Rights for women and children everywhere. The values of Human Rights and equality are completely contradicted for all – even males – in shari’a law.

Any establishment of shari’a law would ensure that women would no longer be able to contribute to the productivity of society nor would child abuse be acknowledged or stopped once discovered. Nowehere in the world has muslim “society” been successful without the purchase of oil from the British and the United States and other freedom-loving territories. This is mainly because over half of muslim society is silenced, degraded, uneducated, abused and excluded; all of the muslim women. No great science, no great inventions, no medical breakthroughs, no real contributions at all have stemmed from muslim culture. The main purpose of muslim existence is to push and fight, even among itself.

From what we know about muslim ideas and islamic anger, the People of a free nation must ensure their best interests are not being sold out to muslim interests.

Here are some examples of political sellouts against the People of freedom loving territories who are most likely working for the United Nations, a muslim organization;

Clinton Campaign: “Whatever you can get away with just do it”

Jeremy Corbyn on Hamas, the Middle East and the super-rich

Jeremy Corbyn: ‘I wanted Hamas to be part of the debate’

John McCain Exposed By Vietnam Vets And Pow’s

This on the other hand is what LOGIC looks like; nations trying to get a grasp on their economies against the push by the U.N. to bankrupt themselves by supporting millions of invaders.

Denmark trying to fix huge Muslim welfare problem

Living on US-Mexico Border, Native Americans Face Daily Struggles

Other muslim agenda supporting organizations;

Iranian American Political Action Committee (IAPAC)

Think muslims won’t lie to get their way? They do and there’s a name for it….

  1. In Shi’a Islam, taqiya (تقیة taqiyyah/taqīyah) is a form of religious veil, or a legal dispensation whereby a believing individual can deny his faith or commit otherwise illegal or blasphemous acts, specially while they are in fear or at risk of significant persecution.

(Translation; muslims are “DEEPLY” committed to their islamic cult unless they fall under threat, in which case they can quickly and easily abandon their “faith” until they are free from threat, upon which case they can once again pretend to be “radical intolerant believers”)


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