Islam Hijacking the UN Human Rights Council


Muslims using the UN to install their global caliphate. Human rights now include the following rights: Stoned to death for adultery Thrown off a building if gay Death for speaking out against violent cults Death for choosing your religion and speaking about your beliefs The right of dad’s to marry off their 9 year old daughters to old men. The right of husbands to beat their wives and to accompany them at all times when the wives are out The right to teach children to hate other based on their beliefs or race. The right to commit genocide The right for self appointed spokespeople to dictate every minutea of people’s lives The right to call science conspiracy whenever science proves the Koran to be a lie. The right to burn flags and books as long as such items are not Muslims. The right to call for death of non Muslims The right to censor all thought and words that expose Islam for the evil cult it is. Rights bought to you by the UN.
The best thing anyone can do for human rights is send muslims to a muslim state.
“Islam Hijacking the UN Human Rights Council.” In this video, Anne Bayefsky explains how the charge of Islamophobia is propaganda that is intended to turn anti-semitism upside-down, effectively “turning Muslims into the new Jews.”  (October 2007.) Video duration:  14 minutes 30 seconds. From the attached YouTube video’s description… —– Much to the dismay of people in actual need of human rights protection, the UN’s Human Rights Council have been hijacked by the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) — an organization of 56 Muslim countries who use Islamophobia to justify terrorism, while undermine the fight for human rights in Muslim countries and making sure Muslim countries and Islam will always be above criticism while of course blaming all the ills and injustice in the world on the western non-Muslim world and particularly the United States and Israel. In this video, Anne Bayefsky, discussed the U.N.’s Racism Conference (Durban Conference), the invention “Islamophobia” as means to justify terror. And the intense lobbying by the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) for the issues of “Islamophobia” and “oppression” of Muslims ONLY by non-Muslims to be the prominent focus of the UN’s agenda in general and the Human Rights commission in particular. And the war (which they have won) to ensure that a prohibition against “Islamophobia” will be endorsed by the world community as the newest international human right issue and the equivalent of anti-Semitism.
Hmmm….I was thinking, what would be the consequences of insisting that halal and kosher butchers be forced to sell pork products….. Islam is in for a shake up (sheik up……ha ha ha ha…….err) Go back to Christianity 600 years ago…this was the time of the papal schism, the beginnings of the reformation, and the inquisitions (no one expects the Spanish Inquisition) History repeats because human nature has remained the same, it’s just that we are more connected, there is a few billion more of us, so we have to get along a bit better regardless….. Doesn’t stop sociopaths that want to control us, tell us what to thing or say.
It is so very ridiculous how in their Islamist tyrannized minds that they could logically comprehend how over 1.75 billion Muslims with over 57 countries under almost complete Islamic Male domination are somehow overtly dominated by Zionists, Jews, and Israeli’s, who make up less than 15 Million individuals of the population worldwide! Yet, Israel, one small minuscule Democratic country with a land mass considerably less than the state of West Virginia, USA, yet less than one quarter the size of the country of Switzerland has caused so many problems for this Ideological Death and Enslavement cult known as Islam.
+1pen2books Jews were (and still) hated because Muchamad said you should hate jews and if you don’t you offend Muchmad. Muslims are hated because they kill, explode, rape, hang, stone and brainwash. Gee! I wonder who the UN should really hate?!?!
I’m offended when Christians are being crucified and beheaded …. Christians are slandered and made fun of in the press all the time, Hollywood dumps on them all the time, and not a peep, our God is big enough, we don’t have to go out and kill to defend his name Jesus died for us Allah makes you die for him Big difference in gods
THE UNITED NATIONS – A BASTION OF ISLAMIC AND ANTI SEMETIC RACISTS If your one of those people that points the the dozens of United Nations resolutions that has repeatedly condemned Israel  as though it were evidence of Israels wrong doing  let me first point you to a few truths. The United Nations today is an embarrassment to itself and a disgrace to humanity and truth to which it claims to represent. What ever moral authority it once had, has been squandered. Among its many failings  the United Nations encourages Islamic religious hatred and anti Semitic racism and dresses itself up in the name of human rights.  The UN has repeatedly allowed it’s own Human Rights Council to be steam rollered in this respect by a cartel of mainly 57 dictatorships called the Organization of Islamic Conference – (OIC). Most of these dictatorships have immeasurably worse human rights records than Israel yet time and time again it is Israel that’s condemned. Countries like Iran where they execute children, Sudan where they practice slavery and casual genocide, Pakistan where over a thousand women a year are murdered by their own families and the government turns a blind eye and of course last but not least  – Saudi Arabia , the black hole of Islamic barbarism, the worlds leading source of terrorist funding. These are just some of the countries behind the condemnation of Israel. Countries who hate Jews for the simple reason they are Jews – and of course because the Koran commands them to do so.. When it comes to the United Nations it is a crooked court with a crooked jury, who are quick to judge the human rights of Israel while they themselves are the chief abusers of human rights in the world. To be honest I am stunned that America still tolerates the UN to exist on its soil, They should kick it out of the country and tell it to relocate to somewhere they may feel more at home – Tehran perhaps or  Islamabad. The UN has repeatedly shown itself to be unashamedly partisan and effectively an enemy of Israel. As I see it , unless you are an idiot or a western liberal  – you don’t take orders from your enemies – you ignore them !
+Olafur Gardarsson Tell me, why are the Arabs of Gaza given special attention compare to the people who are really suffering, like the Copts in Egypt, the Assyrian Christians in Iraq, the Kurds, the Balochis in Pakistan, the Tibetians or the Rohingya in Myanmar?  P/S also the Hindus in Pakistan

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