Houston Plant Maintenance and Equipment Repair

Welding as well as hard work has been at the heart of my existence since the age of 12. My experiences in work have molded me into a supreme problem solver and efficient worker. And that’s how I get the job done!

People who I’ve worked with have judged me and became threatened by my capabilities and one friend said to me, “Samantha, it must be irritating for those around you that things come so easily to you.” I never thought about that perspective but then as time went by, more and more it started making sense. When others tried to make me feel like I didn’t belong or that I wasn’t necessary, I remembered my friends comment and it all made sense.

I stayed with my passions and continued to pursue my interests and have built up quite the investment.

June 30 2015 025
My daily welding gear (some of it)

Nowadays there are few parts, equipment and problems that I cannot repair.

Recently I was on a job and the guy in charge would consult me on how the job should be handled, so after I gave him the plans he would insist the job be done HIS WAY. After hours upon hours of taking the long route, he would come in and “take over” and do EXACTLY what I had originally described. It was almost comical. He tried to make everyone look stupid but he wasn’t fooling anyone. Onlookers are far more intelligent than thought, hahah!

Having a background in vehicle restoration and being high;y mechanically inclined, I have a pretty good grip on just about every challenge.

Handcart Fix
An old handcart in need of new wheels and axle shafts
Dolly Redo 1.0
Handcart after I repaired the wheel axles and put shiny new tires on it

Dolly Redo


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