A Female Welder in North AmericaFabricating & manufacturing industrial blowers

Women welders are a scarce breed because welding is a tough job and it’s not easy to keep up with feminine grooming when you work like a dirty pig everyday. All the same, welding can be a wonderful experience and if you follow safety guidelines then you can stay sexy and fem. I happen to focus more on getting the job done rather than on being feminine and therefor get some scratches burns and whatnot, but then I am a bit of a tomboy in some respects. I enjoy work.

Some early female welders in North America

When I first jumped into welding it was out of mild necessity and I was brave and excited to learn new things. It was thrilling to challenge myself. As it turned out, school was dreadful and I learned virtually nothing. I stepped out on my own and learned tremendously fast – starting my own business within 6 short months of learning welding. Just to be fair, I do have a mechanical background and have always been overly mechanically inclined. Regardless, I made some money and moved to a better location and a better life.

What welding did for me was give me the capability to build and use my mind. Things such as architecture and art and science all appeal to me so very much and welding blushes in between those interests so perfectly well.

It’s important for women to give themselves a chance and to be brave. You can give birth to other Human Beings – therefor you can weld.

YES women CAN  ~ ~ ~

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I Weld in Houston Texas

It’s an exciting challenge and each day brings new adventures. I love each step of the way.

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This is a picture if an industrial blower which I fabricate for a manufacturing company which builds industrial blowers, among other things.

Fabricating & manufacturing industrial blowers

I’ve made quite a few other goodies from scraps which I find in the recycle, such as this cute little metal dustpan which I use to sweep up metal grindings on my workstation.

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Adorable metal dustpan, which I made
Look at that sexy thing!
Aaawww! So cute!

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